Last day before the ride (video entry)

Holy smokes, it's finally here!  We drove the "support vehicle" (someone come up with a better name for us) to Joliet, Illinois today, after loading it up with all of our stuff.  It's amazing to see how our story has spread.  We have had social media contacts from all over the country, and people are hearing about it in unexpected places.  Today was the Fifth grade graduation (Kevin would have been in Fifth grade), and his school had a special announcement in the program.  They also made a couple of huge "Super K" vinyl stickers, which we later put on the "support vehicle" (we still need a better name for it).  

All of the emotions are starting to hit home.  I am excited, anxious, nervous, happy, sad, scared, and overwhelmed, usually at the same time.  I really hope I am able to make it the whole way, but am also trying to mentally prepare myself for the possibility of not being able to ride all 2,492 miles (whether due to physical problems/pain, mechanical issues with the bike, mechanical issues with the "support vehicle" (please send me a better name), or a combination of everything.  

A huge thanks to all of you who have donated, and those who have shared our story through various outlets.  I now have the power of all of you behind me, and this will help immensely through the tough days.  Kelly, the girls, and I are so excited to share this adventure with you!  

We will drive from Joliet into downtown Chicago tomorrow, and then I will ride an "easy" 40-ish miles back to Joliet, where we will stay tomorrow night, also.  I can't wait to get started, and hope you feel the excitement, too!  

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