Day 6 How can Illinois be so HOT when Michigan is so COOL? 6-20-18

I started the day with another interview with the Eric Zane Show (107.3 FM WBBL in Grand Rapids).  He is an incredibly funny guy and has taken a huge interest in Kevin's story and this ride.  I began riding after the interview, and noticed a radio station building near my route.  I stopped in without and appointment, and Patrick Baron with 1230 AM WJBC, granted me an interview that aired sometime today.  After this interview, I began riding again stopping a few times along Route 66 in some very interesting towns.  I went into two different vintage arcades and played a bunch of retro, coin operated video games.  It turns out my Donkey King skills have eroded greatly.  All of the games brought back great memories of some of my younger years.  I also went into a Route 66 museum in Atlanta, Illinois.   Atlanta also has a huge statue of Paul Bunyan holding a giant hot dog instead of an ax! I'm sure there's a great story behind that.  

There were many more clouds today for part of the ride, but the heat and humidity we still brutal.  It didn't help that Kelly was sending me snarky text messages with how "cold" (under 70) it was in Michigan while Illinois was a hot swampy mess.   While the wind helped cool it down a couple degrees, the extra effort it required to ride into the wind (90% of the day) made a long day feel even longer.  

I finished today's ride in Springfield, Illinois and made another trek to the store to buy another set of clothes (I left yesterdays set at the hotel, with the hope that Debi can pick them up when Mack the Silverback is finally rolling).  Again there were people pointing, laughing, and staring at a 6'7" sweaty, stinky dude wearing a whole lot of spandex walk through the store!

Today's total was 69.8.  Ride total 229.9

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