Day 8 Into Missouri 6-22-18

Other than the crazy amount of rain, today was also a decent day.  I started by riding into downtown St. Louis, and wandered around the Arch.  I have seen it before (as a kid, mostly), but it never fails to amaze me.  The engineering required to make it is difficult to put into words, which is probably why they use formulas!  I then "kicked in the door" at KMOV TV channel 4, and asked if they would like to have a quick interview.  They agreed, and we had a nice chat.  

I then rode down to Busch Stadium, but it was closed, as the Cardinals are out of town.  I was bummed, but quickly realized I could have lunch across the street.  After waiting out the majority of the rain, I was able to ride for a few miles, before a harder storm came in.  I stopped at a bar to wait out the storm, and had some fantastic sweet potato fries.  I realize this is off-topic, but sweet potato fries are better than "regular" french fries every time.  I will left-handed thumb wrestle anyone who disagrees!  One of the servers heard about the ride, and refused to let me pay for my food.  Of course I left a nice tip, but these little acts of kindness make me think we are doing something special.

As for the ride itself, it was a relatively "easy" 55 miles, until the last 5 miles.  I then had to go up two of the biggest hills of the entire trip.  As I huffed and puffed like a madman, I kept thinking about the descent.  On the first downhill, I was able to have a top speed of 39.4 mph.  Which doesn't seem very fast, until I remember that my tires are only 28mm wide.  

55.2 miles today

Total miles 383.2

Mark LinderComment