Day 14 Surprise Family Day! 6-28-18

I took today off from riding.  I needed the break, physically and mentally, and there was an added benefit of seeing Kelly, Shannon, and Jim (Kelly's Dad, who we call "Pops").  We met for a nice dinner in Bartlesville, OK (which is about an hour and a half from Tulsa), and then drove to Pawhuska, site of the Osage Dances.  We met some of the extended family in Pawhuska, and then watched a few minutes of the Dances, before heading back to Bartlesville, and jumping in the hotel pool.

Due to the extreme heat in the area, we are going to make some adjustments to the ride.  I will take the day off tomorrow, also, and start again (hopefully) early Saturday morning.  Our new plan is to start riding at sunrise, and stop around lunchtime.  This will cause the mileage to drop significantly, but it will probably increase the chances of me actually surviving the ride!  Tomorrow we will visit with the extended family some more, watch some more of the Dances, and probably jump back into the pool.  

Miles on the bike today:  0

Total miles on the bike:  715.0

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