Day 16 Back in the saddle, and back in the groove! 6-30-18

This is Kelly Journaling for Mark, since I took the computer and my phone is disabled (long, uninteresting story), communication between us has been through Shannon's texts and limited.  

The last two days were such a wonderful bonus time together that really seemed to be exactly what Mark needed to get his spirits back in pedaling mode.  Due to the extreme heat and the desire to see the amazing Osage Dances, Mark, Addison, and my mom stayed Friday and we all enjoyed hanging out and catching up with my dad's extended family.  

Early (very early-5:30am) this (Saturday) morning, my dad drove Mark to Tulsa's Route 66 (we are about 45 minutes north) so that Mark could get some miles in before the suppressive heat took over his ability to ride. When he got back and slept a little more, my dad was able to take Shannon and Addison to hang out with family while my mom and I got the camper ready.  My mom and Addison then took off to continue their leg of the Route 66 journey and Shannon and I stayed with pops (my dad) to continue our Osage Dances trio.  

Mark will have to give more details on todays ride in the next journal entry.  

Miles today - 57.95

Total miles - 772.9

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