Day 26 Flagstaff is Beautiful! 7-10-18

This is Kelly journaling.  Today was a great day in Flagstaff, the weather is perfect and the views are scenic of mountains, pine trees and storm clouds rolling in.  What a very needed break from the heat!  We took the day to catch up on laundry, rest and visit with our friends Kim and Nikki (and Nikki's kids), who came up from Phoenix to spend the afternoon with us.  Pops was also able to drive up and had lunch with us.  It was great catching up with everybody and their support will carry Mark through to the end, which is coming soon!  Mark snuck in a quick 22 mile ride as Nikki and Kim were leaving so they could see the real deal and get some photos.  

~22 miles for the day

612 ft

Total for the trip...

1,280.8 miles

39,217 ft 

Mark LinderComment