Day 18 Half Day 7-2-18


El Reno, OK to Clinton, OK by bike, and Clinton, OK to Shamrock, TX by truck.


The Oklahoma heat returned with a vengeance today.  I rode from El Reno to Clinton, and then Debi and Addy picked me up, and we drive to Shamrock, TX (with the truck thermometer showing 100 degrees).


The morning started with yet another flat tire (my fifth of the trip if you're keeping score), and then I made it to Weatherton for brunch.  I couldn't find a bike shop in the area, but hopefully I will be able to in Albuquerque in a couple of days, unless I am able to find something sooner.  There has to be something wrong with my rear wheel to cause three "pinch flats" in three days.  I am now scared of going super fast downhill, as I don't want to blow a tire on the descent.  


After brunch the heat came out, and I spent a little bit of time in the Stafford Air and Space Museum.  I have to admit, it would be awesome to go into space, but I probably wouldn't make a very good astronaut.  My size (6' 7") would be an issue, and I also tend to get queasy on the Teacup ride at Disney.


We now realize that I am going to have to skip some mileage between here and Albuquerque.  We need to pick up Shannon and Kelly this Wednesday, and still have a few hundred miles left.  The math simply isn't on our side, due to the early setbacks, and the rest days I took in the Tulsa area.  It's a bummer, but maybe I can ride a few extra miles somewhere along the way to make up for it.


Bike miles today:. 47.4


Total miles on the bike:. 920.7


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