Day 19 Into New Mexico 7-3-18

Shamrock TX to Gray Country Rest Area by bike, and then Tucumcari, NM by truck.


After spending part of the morning fixing my sixth flat tire of the trip (and using my last spare tube), I tried to keep positive thoughts going, and ride into the wind.  After about 30 miles, the GPS told me to head north on a street, as Route 66 merged into, and became, I-40.  


I turned toward the road, and noticed a no trespassing sign, saying it was a ranch (and private property).  I double and triple checked the map, but there weren't any other options, as some of the smaller roads in the area were dead-ends.  I then walked my bike down this dirt/rock road, since I didn't want to pop my last tube.  I walked for just over a mile, only to find the road it wanted me to turn on next was in even worse condition.  Having no alternative, I walked back toward the freeway.


Kids please don't do this at home, but I rode for 0.9 terrifying miles on I-40 until the next exit, which happened to be a rest area.  Debi and Addy picked me up, and we drove into Amarillo, where I was able to get the bike fixed.  There were a couple of spots in the rear rim where the tape covering the spokes was worn, with tiny holes in the tape.  These were causing all of the pinch flats.  They were able to retape the rim, put on a new tire, and I bought several more replacement tubes.  Hopefully this will get me rolling without any issues again!


We drove into Tucumcari, but not before passing the official halfway point of Route 66 in Adrian, TX.  We took a few pictures, and wrote our names on an old truck in the parking lot of a gift shop (thousands had before us, I don't just graffiti random vehicles).  At the campground we had a refreshing swim, and now we are getting ready for the final push into Albuquerque.


Miles on the bike today:. 37.6


Total miles on the bike:. 958.3

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