Ride 2 End Pediatric Cancer


This might be a mid-life crisis, but at least it's cheaper than a sports car!


Hi, my name is Mark Linder, and here is the reason behind this insane adventure.  In 2010 my son, Kevin, was diagnosed with Stage IV Neuroblastoma Cancer, at the age of 2.  We struggled to understand what was happening, but Kevin's incredible strength, and refusal to quit fighting gave us hope.  We were fortunate as a family to receive support from throughout our community, and have chosen to give back at every opportunity.  Although Kevin passed away in 2013, his spirit, strength, and smiles continue to fill our hearts.  One of Kevin's dreams was to drive Route 66, as it was the basis for his favorite movie, Cars.  Although we planned the trip several times, Kevin's treatments didn't give us the opportunity to take enough time to complete the trip the way he would have wanted.  

I am going to attempt to ride all 2,492 miles (depending on which route is available) of Route 66 this Summer of 2018 as a fundraiser for two Pediatric Cancer organizations that have helped my family, as well as countless others.  I will ride my bicycle on Route 66, while my family will follow/lead me in a camper, allowing us the opportunity to share in the experience together.  This will be a slower pace than many of our previous road trips, but I hope to make some great family memories, while raising money for other Cancer families.

I am accepting donations for this ride, and will take no more than 10% to cover the expenses of the ride, as I have quit my job to complete this ride.  The remaining 90% (or more) of donations will be split evenly between DC Strong and CureSearch.


Find more information about DC Strong at:


Find more information about CureSearch at:

I realize this is a crazy idea, but I wanted to attempt to achieve something special, and help others at the same time.  

DC Strong is a Pediatric Cancer organization that provides Care Packages to children fighting Cancer, and supports the families during the entire Cancer fight.  Several times per year, they invite the Cancer families together for a "Family Day," so each of the families can meet the others, and provide strength to each other.

CureSearch is a Pediatric Cancer research organization dedicated to finding a cure for various Pediatric Cancers.  As there have been only a handful of treatments designed specifically for Pediatric Cancer, CureSearch is working on increasing this number, so that there will be additional options for doctors to treat kids.



Contact us:

Mailing address:

239 E Michigan Ave #222

Paw Paw, MI


Phone:  (269) 598-8112


We also ride in the Make-A-Wish 3 day/300 mile "WAM" bike ride at the end of July.  Find more information on this ride at, and search "Cruising For Kids With Cancer" to join our team, or donate!  Also find us on Facebook by searching "Cruising For Kids With Cancer."